Small Shodo Exhibition at Green Hills Library

This is the first official Shodo exhibition for Nashville Shodo Club! The sapce was larger than I thought.

I could have had more pieces but I need more frames as well! So in the near future, I hope I can prepare it better!

I love teaching Children!

I taught how to draw a Sumi-e Teddy bear and names in Japanese at Sevior Park Community Center on June 15, 22 and 29, 2023 for 33 children in total.

I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for the opportunity to know them! I had a reallhy good time!

Jul. 16, 2022

sent to me from my sensei in Japan.

Jul. 16, 2022

Am I perfectionist??

Jun. 25, 2022


May. 28, 2022

This was just a second class. They are fantastic!!

May. 19, 2022

I carved this "Nashville Shodo" signboard!

May. 13, 2022

I will never forget it!

May. 8, 2022

It took two hours to draw Otehons!

May. 1, 2022

A friend of mine recommended me to go this store in Nashville.

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