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My memory about Shodo:

I have practiced 書道Shodo(Japanese Calligraphy) for more than 20 years in total since I was 6 years old. My sensei(Toko Matsumoto - Shodo instructor) coincidentally lived next to my parents’ house in Japan. She had a Shodo class at her house. So naturally I was interested in Shodo especially after my big sister went there. I really wanted to learn Shodo, but only from the first grade were children allowed in the class. Thus, I was always waiting for my sister and watching her from the gate.  I believe because Sensei sympathized with me as a little girl wandering around her place for about two years, she finally allowed me to join the class a year early. I was a kindergarten student. I still remember the first time I gripped a brush and drew many simple lines on a piece of white rice paper(Hanshi). I was extremely happy.

My sensei had a beautiful garden. She loved flowers and nature. She often showed us insect cocoons and salamanders which were rare even at that time and how butterflies grew up. I really liked it when she drew a pretty butterfly on my calligraphy instead of a regular circle mark when I did a good job. She was nice and kind and she respected small children and our own calligraphy style. Of course, we had to follow the instructions (Otehon) but she knew each person had their own unique style that made us special. She never expected us to draw calligraphy like a computer. But she strictly instructed us to calm down while drawing and concentrate on your work. There were about 15-20 children coming and going in the same room and it was always very quiet (after having my son, I cannot believe this was possible!).

When I started learning Shodo again in my mid 30's, my hand remembered everything naturally and flashed back to my childhood. I noticed Shodo influenced me a lot in my life. Shodo is Art. Shodo heals you and resets your mind while you concentrate on drawing. You think about nothing and forget everything surrounding you and your current circumstances and situation. Shodo is a kind of meditation.  

So I am so happy that I can share Shodo philosophy with you and have a wonderful time with you! Also, I would like to contribute to the community and forcus on inperson classes.  I look forward to seeing you!

My Shodo License:

I am a certified Shodo instructor by Nippon Shuji (日本習字−7段(dan)), and I have approval of 8段(dan) by Kuryu Shodo Kyokai(九龍書道協会). Also, I am certified to teach Japanese Sumi-e by Nihon Shuji(墨絵−black ink drawing).

About me:

I was born in Japan. I have lived in Nashville, Tennessee since 2004. I love Nashville. I can teach Shodo in Japanese, English or Spanish. Anyone all over the world will be welcome! Also, I have some experiences in Japanese Green Tea Ceremony(Omotesenke) and Japanese flower arrangement (Ikenobo and Sougetsu). I look forward to sharing these Japanese culture with you.