Winter Sessions(Beginner and Intermediate) are coming soon!🙂 Thank you for waiting!


 at Sevier Park Community Center!

This is a community service class.


①Three Sessions:

1. There are 3 sessions in a year.

2. One session lasts three months.

3. Each month has two classes on Saturdays in every other week(6 Classes in a session)

4. One class lasts 1 hour 30 mins.

※After registration, you will receive an email with information for what you need and how the class works.


②Three Shodo Course :

1. Beginner

For those who have never learned Shodo before or learned Shodo only for few years. Someone who really wants to learn Shodo at the very basic level. It is OK if you are not familiar with Japanese Hiragana and Kanji(Chinese Characters). We also practice your Hiragana name.

2. Intermediate (rank: 10級(kyuu), 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,準1,1級)

Someone who has learned Shodo before for more than three years and has a basic knowledge or finished the beginner session. Kanji name will be provided and practice your name first.

3. Advanced (初段〜)

Someone who has finished the intermediate session.

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