I have a dream for the future!

I believe in every child's future! Many people believed in and supported me when I was small. This is the time when I need to give back to society.😀

I would like to use the profit to support Children's education to serve as a Shodo volunteering instructor!

Also, I hope Nashville become a center of Art!

In the future, I would like to have a special class for people with special needs who have physical problems or autism or Down syndrome for anybody who wants to try Shodo or Sumi-e. Before I do, I have to learn about their needs and resources first. Please contact me if you have such knowledge. Also, if your sons and daughters are interested,  I will be happy to help you. Let's start.

Some autistic people have a very special talent for art and there is a famous Shodo-ka (Japanese calligrapher) in Japan, Shoko Kanazawa (金澤 翔子), who has Down syndrome. Shoko’s mother was a Shodo instructor and she taught her. I saw a documentary about Shoko. Her mother said it was not easy. But her effort compensated for her disability. Shoko’s style and drawings are so impressive, unique and very artistic. Shoko became a world famous Shodo-ka and has exhibitions all over the world, including New York.

Please check Shoko Kanazawa’s profile:

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